BTL Intima

Description of treatment

Using monopolar radiofrequency energy simultaneously combined with ultrasound, BTL Intima is able to safely heat the outer female genitalia to 40-42 degrees to stimulate collagen synthesis and increase blood supply to the pubic mound, labium, clitoris, and perineum. Without causing any pain or irritation, this non-invasive treatment not only leads to increased rejuvenation of the tissue and improved elasticity but also heightened sensitivity. As a result, the labia are tightened and raised, the diameter of the vaginal opening decreases, you are more lubricated and orgasm is easier to reach.

By addressing the aesthetic appearance and laxity of the vulva, it can also assist with slightly protruding labia minora, plumping up the outer lips to better hide the inner protrusion.




25 minutes


There is no download associated with this treatment.


Up to 4 sessions. Yearly maintenance, if required.

Results: what you will see and feel

After the first treatment you will already notice a visible difference in terms of skin tightening and tone. By the fourth treatment you will experience noticeable rejuvenation of the tissue, increased sensitivity of the area, and improved lubrication.

What a client had to say

My first session was a nervous experience and I was a little apprehensive at first considering my conservative upbringing and the fact that someone I had just met was going ‘down there’. Nicolette made me relax with a glass of cherry and her pleasant and relaxed disposition was a bonus. I had no idea what to expect but decided to go with the flow and keep an open mind. My 1st session was comfortable and the 30 minutes went by very quickly, I was not sure about pictures taken of my most intimate and hidden part of my body. I felt that the intima was warm, non-invasive and there was no pain at all. I must be honest I did not ‘see’ a visible change on the 1st experience, but my husband certainly ‘felt’ a difference even though he couldn’t put his finger on it.
My second session was a lot comfortable as I had established a relationship with Nicolette, and was a lot more relaxed.

My third was a lot warmer, almost hot, and felt lasted longer

I was looking forward to my fourth and last session as I had a sense of anticipation and walked away happy and looking forward to my new rejuvenated ‘cookie’.

  • My confidence level has certainly heightened as I know I look good, and am looking forward to summer when I can wear my swimwear with confidence, I did not like swimwear as I felt that my vagina filled my swimwear because I was conscious of the fact that my labia was not as tight as it should be.
  • My sexual awareness has certainly heightened as well as I am aware that I am more desirous, my husband is proof as our sex frequency has risen tremendously.
  • I also orgasm a lot more frequently than I used to in the last 4 weeks and I look forward to sex as I know I will enjoy it.
  • Thank you for giving me my confidence back!

What to expect during the treatment

During the session, you will feel a warm, pleasant sensation but no pain. After the treatment you may experience slight redness of the area, but this will fade an hour or two after the session.

Fact file

  • No preparation is required before having the treatment.
  • The treatment is completely painless.
  • You can go straight back to daily routines and exercise directly after the treatment.
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