Fat Volume Reduction – BTL Exilis Elite

Description of treatment

BTL Exilis Elite is the only monopolar radiofrequency machine which includes ultrasound in one hand piece. By using both energies together along with advanced skin cooling, you are able to safely heat the fat tissue deep down for excellent lipolysis (breakdown of fat), and, at the same time, promote better lymphatic drainage of the liquefied fat. This patented technology also results in skin tightness, tissue volume, tone and elasticity.

Areas that can be treated include: stomach, love handles, buttocks, arms, inner and outer thighs, knees and back.




10 minutes – 1 hour, depending on areas being treated


There is no download associated with this treatment.


Up to 6 treatments. A Maintenance session can be done every 3-6 months

Results: what you will see and feel

After the first treatment you will already notice a visible difference in terms of skin tightening and tone. By the third treatment you will be amazed with the noticeable reduction and tightening of the area being treated.

The long-term results - clinical trials have shown up to a 40% reduction of fat in the treated area - will be visible 3-4 months after the last treatment. A study carried out in Prague with 60 clients proved 7-8 cm volume reduction in the abdomen area.

Transformations: Before and after photos

icon-quote-lefticon-quote-rightSo after three and half months of machines, and heat ! My body has responded extremely well. The orange peel on my legs has disappeared completely my skin tone has improved dramatically . My arms are far more toned no saggy skin. And there is a noticeable difference on my tummy area and the general skin tone has improved remarkably. Claire, 50, Sandton


What to expect during the treatment

During the treatment, you will experience heat on the skin but no pain. Should any discomfort be experienced by the heat, the therapist is able to adjust the intensity accordingly.

After the treatment you may experience slight redness of the area, but this will fade an hour or two after the session.

Fact file

  • No preparation is required before having the treatment.
  • Before and after the treatment try to drink more water and increase your movement to aid lymph drainage.
  • Although not necessary, try to stick to a healthy eating plan and exercise to enhance the results.